2020 Jr. Raider Cheer Board

2020 Team Moms & Jr. STUDENT COACHES


Our information

6th Grade - 

7th Grade - 

8th Grade - 

The Jr. Raider Cheer Board meets every month.  The meetings are open to all members in good standing.  Please see bylaws for more information.  Locations for the meetings may be obtained from the Secretary.

Jr. Raider Sideline & Comp Cheerleaders will practice at Stingray Gym located @  4680 Morton Road.

Each Grade will have their own assigned Jr. Student Coach, Stingrays Coach, and Team Parent. 

Team Parents for each grade will be in attendance of all team practices. They will be your liaison between Stingrays and the Cheer Board.  They will send out all communications regarding practices and games. 

           Go Raiders!


Email us @: juniorraidercheerleading@gmail.com​                    

Co-Presidents -  Jessica Tice & Lori McLaughlin                           

Secretary - Jen Waltham      

Treasurer - Kristen Ambrosetti                                                                                                                                       

Sideline Director-  Alyssa Firestone            

Competition Director  - Anna Firestone 

Uniform Director Jennifer Biehler  

Spirit Wear Director - Daria Fisher  

Football Liaison Director - Beth Pettry   

Special Events Director  Karen Douglas 
Volunteer Director - Daisy Tomazos-Brady